During the nearly 30-year pioneering journey, MISA is proud to be a top leading company in Vietnam providing comprehensive digital transformation solutions SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) with nearly 60 products and applications for 350,000 customers which are state agencies, businesses, business households, and 2.5 million individual customers in Vietnam and 22 countries around the world. MISA is also honored to accompany Ministries, Departments, and sectors in the National Digital Transformation program and automated management and business activities, contributing to improving productivity and the general development of Vietnam.

With the spirit of "Making an effort for a smart world with Vietnam's intellectual technology products", we look forward to accompanying you and creating breakthrough achievements.
Job Description
  • Searching for agents, establishing distribution channels for products/services in the target market, and supporting partners in promotion and sales
  • Market researching (Market, Competitors, Customers) is conducted to advise the leadership in making decisions regarding the selection of target markets and entry methods
  • Collaborating with relevant partners to enhance the value of products/services, build the brand, or expand the market
  • Researching and promoting the product development process in a localized direction, ensuring compliance with local government policies and regulations
  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics, Management, Marketing, or Finance
  • Business English proficiency, advanced MS Offices,...
  • Strong sales, negotiation, persuasion, communication, and presentation skills; excellent project management skills, problem-solving, culturally sensitive and effective teamwork
  • Proactive, self-motivated, confident; creative talents, critical and logical thinking; effective time management; detail-oriented and well-organized
  • Candidates with experience in B2B sales/business development are highly preferred. Having studied or worked abroad, particularly in English-speaking countries, is considered a plus

We believe that, in an environment where you are trusted to empower, supported and accompanied by colleagues and technology, you will maximize your potential, always becoming a better version of yourself every day. MISA is proud of its successes thanks to the talents of our staff. You will be a piece of the puzzle that makes up the picture of our success.

A solid foundation for career development, promotion, and benefits

  • Competitive salary negotiable according to capacity, total income is upto $2000
  • Evaluation of salary increase 2 times/year, many opportunities to increase salary by 50-70%/year, attractive income package, year-end bonus based on individual work performance, initiative bonus
  • Having the opportunity to become a manager/expert after 6 months - empowered, promoted without waiting for age
  • "Hổ Tướng" Training Program: a talent management training program, a launching pad to become an elite warrior
  • “Gấu vàng” Award: the place to honour the best talents
  • Comprehensive health care package at Medlatec, joining hobby clubs, teambuilding programs, periodic travel

Pioneering in technology

  • MISA is the best IT enterprise in Asia - the Oceania region, pioneering in exporting SaaS solutions
  • TOP of IT enterprises with continuous growth in staff size of 20%/year, revenue growth of 15%/year
  • Including 3000 talents with the same desire to bring Make In Vietnam technology products to the world
  • Building trust with 350,000 customers which are state agencies, businesses, business households and 3.5 million individual customers in Vietnam and 22 countries
  • Gaining more than 100 domestic and international IT industry awards

Friendly, supportive and sharing environment

  • Connecting talents: focus on developing people who share the same ideals, and goals, share values and receive success.
  • Breakthrough thinking: an environment that respects differences and promotes creativity, MISA-er is free to develop progressive ideas, improve productivity
  • Hitech/Work smarter: optimize work performance by applying technology, and automated software (AMIS, Jira, Power BI, AI Marketing, ...)
  • Being Happy at Work: MISA creates an environment for you to always smile and feel happy with the values received
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Job Overview
Salary Range
From 700 USD to 2.000 USD
1 candidate
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Tòa nhà MISA Lô 5, Công viên Phần mềm Quang Trung, Số 49 Tô Ký, phường Tân Chánh Hiệp, quận 12, TP.HCM
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