Why choose MISA?
25 years of experience
in the Information technology field
have MISA’s presence
70,000   +
Administrative and
non-business agencies
believe in using MISA products
150,000   +
believe in using MISA products
1,500,000   +
Households and individuals
believe in using MISA products
A powerful support tool to meet all State management professions, helping to save budget and effort to simultaneously build a database of Finance, Education, Civil Status, Assets, Officials of the whole province/city, contributing to the national digital transformation
Unifying all professions on one enterprise management platform, applying advanced technologies such as AI, Blockchain, flexibly connecting services to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase profits
Pioneering in the application of Cloud – Mobile, AI technology and countless smart features, MISA’s solution simplifies the entire service and sales process, improves productivity and contributes to increase business and operational efficiency of restaurants/stores
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